Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a Fool

I am a Fool.

I am a Southern born and bred woman. I have lived in New England, more specifically, New Hampshire, for the past 11 years and 9 months. For the first 4 years I HATED every thing about living up here. Admittedly, the majority of that hatred stemmed from the fact that I was not within walking distance to my family, which in the following years I have come to see as a blessing.

I grew up knowing that if something bad or unfortunate happened, I could always rely on the people around me to help me. I had to adjust, no not adjust, abandon that thought when I moved up here. I had NO ONE to rely on. No One to help me through.

After 11 years of living up here I had begun to believe that my first impressions were wrong. I have met and befriended and loved many people since moving up here. I relied on them, trusted them. I fooled myself into believing that the people I picked to be my "family" were representative of the "natives." I was wrong.

Tonight, one of the people I love dearly and call family had a car issue. I went to the parking lot where she and her 3 children were waiting for the car service to come fix the vehicle. After sitting in the van, with the kids outside the skating rink, for an hour and half or more....I figured hey, let's ask if anyone inside has jumper cables. Yes, I know.....but neither of our vehicles had cables. I walked through a parking lot with at least 15 pic up trucks into the skating rink. I asked, very politely, with my Southern accent and best manners if anyone had jumper cables. NOT ONE PERSON OF THE 20 OR MORE PEOPLE IN TYNGSBORO MA SKATE 3 HAD JUMPER CABLES. 2 women, 1 dead battery, 5 children waiting and NOT ONE PERSON WOULD HELP????

I call LIAR. I call BULLSHIT. Seriously? Of all those men and all those pick up trucks NOT ONE OF THEM HAD CABLES???? No one was willing to help?

I was foolish enough to think I had found a home. I was foolish enough to believe that people were the same no matter the accent. I was foolish to believe there was good no matter where you are. I was a fool to believe in other peoples decency.

I was a fool or you fucking Yankees are way to into Hockey. Either way.

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  1. Ah, but you were over the NH-MA "Mason-Dixon" line! You were in Masshole-ville, where stupidity reigns supreme. But you live in NH, where you would have found jumper cables. :-) We love you!

    Tom (Creatively)