Thursday, January 22, 2009

More random bits of usless information.

I was recently tagged to come up with 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me by @tryte. Over a lovely dinner with @empirebetty, @greciangodess, @vmason and @jonathaneunice after completing my 7 things, I began to rethink my “things.” The conversation made me think about what minutia people would find interesting about me. What parts of my history are actually note worthy (not that I think any of them are note worthy) and make me uniquely me. Shortly after the conversation I was tagged by a high school friend on to come up with 25 Things. My first thought was…nobody wants to know all these silly, idiotic things about me and then I remembered that @empirebetty mentioned something about the silly little details are the interesting part, although she stated it much more eloquently. To that end I thought I would share these mundane details here, for what reason and to what end I am not really sure but alas here they are.

1. I met my husband on a blind date.

2. I pierced my nipples in college.
3. I believe in ghosts, God and aliens....well maybe it’s not an actual belief per say but I don't disbelieve.
4. In high school I told my parents a deer ran out in front of me on Wood Valley Rd and I swerved to miss it and hit the curb and messed up the tires and rims but I was really "necking" with a guy and was running late for curfew, driving too fast, missed the curve, hit the curb and almost hit a telephone pole.
5. I love the smell of coffee but I don't drink it.
6. Pulling out of a parking lot in Foley, AL I backed into a State Trooper.
7. I love to go deep sea fishing but I don't really eat fish.
8. I had 2 miscarriages and went through 6 years fertility treatments to get pregnant with my son....I went on vacation and had too many cocktails and got pregnant with my daughter.
9. The night I won my high school beauty pageant I was running late and nearly missed the whole pageant because I had just left my luvahs house.....I was smiling because I had a few cocktails and was physically well satisfied.
10. I never turned in a library book from the Orange Beach library when we moved 10 years ago so I hope you don't want to read Tess of the d'Urbervilles....I have it.
11. I delivered both of my children totally naturally and drug free.
12. I made love on the 18th green of the country club in my town....oh and the swimming pool.
13. I dated the preacher that married my husband and me....prior to our marriage of course.
14. I make lists all the time but mostly for the satisfaction of marking things off the list, it gives me a false sense of accomplishment.
15. I clip coupons and use them....not because I like to actually save money but because I like to get a deal.
16. I threw up on a date. Not on the actual guy but at the dinner table right back into my plate (and at my favorite BBQ joint no less).....and oddly enough.....we had a second date go figure.
17. I have never eaten lobster and have no burning desire to.
18. I never snuck out of the house.
19. I would love to have a boob job and liposuction.
20. I don't think carrot cake should be allowed to be called cake or dessert....anything with vegetables in it is neither.
21. I do not like turnip or collard greens or butter beans or English peas....I know not very Southern Girl of me is it?
22. I watch entirely too much trash TV....The Real Housewives of OC, Big Brother, Work Out and things of that mindless variety.
23. I have about 4000 digital photos on my computer and external hard drive that I have never printed.
24. I have had lots of different jobs since I started working at 16....Nanny, Life Guard, Waitress, Maid, Camp Counselor,Secretary, Cashier, Retail Sales, Mortgage Banker and Teacher. Life Guard and Mortgage Banker were my favorites.
25. I am afraid of heights but love to ride roller coasters.

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  1. Dunno about God and ghosts, but once you've met @vmason, your belief in aliens is well-proven.