Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No Blog Blog

I don’t blog. While I am a social networking addict, I have never been compelled to Blog. I don’t think that I have anything altogether that interesting to say. Why would someone care what I have to say unless they are interested in knowing the exact pressure of the strike required to make that ridiculous crying baby doll shut the hell up or the best way to remove banana that has been smashed into the flooring of your van and then dried to the point of petrifaction or the best homemade play doh recipe or the best boogie man vanquishing spray or why Pixies have wings or if there is a Banana Fairy or why exactly the Old Lady swallowed the fly and why perhaps she’ll die. After all I am not burning up the literary world with my pithy, in depth, probing, emotional and heartfelt novels nor developing a low cost environmentally friendly alternative fuel source nor am I creating the next miracle drug that will make your penis larger, your boobs in their upright and locked position while tackling male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction and obesity all the while making donuts have no calories or fat in one fail swoop. I would only be tossing my opinions into the aether for ridicule. And I firmly believe opinions are like assholes…..everybody has one and they all stink. Since I have been tagged by fellow Tweet on to come up with 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me, I have been compelled to do so. Those 7 things will take a while to come up with. Although by posting this blog I have contradicted my original statement.


  1. Why would someone care what you say? Ah, if your words can transcend our daily lives to connect with the sacred or show the hilarity of what we take so seriously, we'll enjoy every posting. You have a great sense of humor, much too good to keep just to yourself.

  2. I find your humor and wit fascinating. Especially after 8 beers and 40 Krystals. I'm in!