Thursday, January 15, 2009

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

OK, I have finally compiled my 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me. I opened this up to friends and family that already know most things about me. Funny to hear how people view you based on their answers. On hearing I Blogged for the first time one friend asked if it was about cooking. One mentioned my drunken karaoke skills and another my ability to hold my alcohol which clearly conflicts the drunken karaoke friend. Of course there is always my propensity for concern about geometric perfection in my food stuffs. I can’t even mention the things my husband said; this isn’t that kind of blog. So now that I have posted these things….I will anxiously await and see how many unTweets I have to see if I pass or not.

1. I am exactly what I wanted to be “when I grow up.” Oh, don’t get me wrong, like any other kid growing up I had passing fancies. At one point I wanted to be an OB/GYN but then I had the misfortune to happen upon some movie or documentary or some such with an actual baby being born. That put the kibosh on that plan quickly and made me seriously consider ever letting my nether region out of its bubble wrap. At one time I wanted to be the first female to manage a Major League Baseball team but thought that the jock strap and cup made my butt look fat and I never could spit a stream of tobacco juice out properly but that was mostly because I couldn’t chew the nasty stuff. But all of those other plans were only things to do until I got to be what I always wanted to be, a stay at home wife and mother. When one of my kids asks me: Do zebras all have the same stripes? What does a real heart look like? Will you read me a story? Can you help us build a fort? How do jellyfish swim? Why does Saturn have rings? I love that I have the time to build things and explain things and read and cook and color with them without having to worry about being late for work or traffic or conference calls or deadlines. I have all the respect in the world for those Mothers who by choice or by force are doing it all. But I choose not to.

2. I consider myself a modern day 1950’s housewife and I don’t apologize for it. What I mean by that is…..I chose to stay at home and cook and clean and wipe snotty noses and taxi kids from school to karate, to coach T-Ball and do homework and bake cookies for every PTA and bake sale that comes along. That makes me the typical 1950’s housewife but don’t misunderstand we don’t have any of that Husband rules the house bullshit. I stay at home cook and clean and raise our children but I have as much voice and demand as much respect as if I was gainfully employed. However, if you come to my house do not expect Martha Stewart to live here, it is not always, ok never spotless. I have kids and it is very much a kid (and red wine spilling friends) friendly of house. While I don’t believe Martha Stewart is the actual devil I do firmly believe that she is a close relative. I happened to catch her on Oprah one day. For the life of me I don’t know why I was watching Oprah it is not a show on my trash TV viewing schedule. But I digress, the point I was making was she was demonstrating how to fold a sheet properly so your linen closet would appear neat and orderly and cute. My first thought who doesn’t know how to fold a sheet and then rebuked myself for being judgmental. My second thought was, why in God’s (feel free to insert any deity or Darwin as you see fit) name do I care if my linen closet has perfectly folded sheets? If you are in my linen closet then A) you are a close friend and you know that I am far from perfect and only care that I have clean sheets not that they are perfectly folded or B) I am dead and you are stealing my stuff and again I won’t care about my sheets being perfectly folded.

3. I have a potty mouth. If you hang around for more than say oh 5 minutes you will figure this out on your own. I know people say cursing is the sign of a weak mind but I disagree sometimes the perfectly timed F bomb is the most eloquent response.

4. I have been a lab rat of sorts. I was diagnosed with ITP,, when I was pregnant with my oldest child nearly 7 years ago. After 2 high risk pregnancies and years of failed treatments and being on steroids that made me as fat and as big around as a circus tent and grow as much hair in random and odd places that I could have been employed inside said circus tent I went the lab rat route. I have been on 2 clinical trials to get 2 different trial drugs approved by the FDA. In fact the two drugs listed in the Thrombopoietin Receptor Agonists portion of the Wikipedia article are the 2 clinical trial drugs I was on. Point of note…..It wasn’t that bad besides still struggling to lose the weight the only other side effect is that sometimes I taste purple but that’s ok I’ve tasted worse and the twitching really helps when I am dancing or want people to give me room while riding the subway.

5. I am unabashed fan of ‘70’s music. Love my Disco and don’t mind shakin my groove thing.

6. I am a poster child for Irony. When I graduated from high school I turned down a scholarship opportunity to a college in Boston because I didn’t want to live up here. I opted instead to stay closer to home and go to a small private college on athletic and academic scholarships. And just 8 short years later where did I end up moving???? Irony

7. No one in my family calls me Tracey. Everyone in my family calls me Lucy. I don’t know why exactly since it’s not my middle name. In fact, I wasn’t given a middle name at birth. My maiden name became my middle name when I got married.


  1. You are one interesting good way! One question, when you say you taste purple, do you mean that YOU taste it in your mouth, or Carter licks you and says "Mmmmm, purple!"?

  2. Well......Amy all I can say is......Yes.....who needs flavored aids???? LOL